Rock Your ABS: Authentic Beauty and Strength

By: Ashley Drummonds, Regular Contributor

ABS: How do you get them? What magic pill can you take to get abs? What crash diet can you do to get ABS? How many hours should you work out each day to get ABS like Cameron Diaz, Nicole Wilkins or the girl on last month’s issue of Shape? Guess what…you already have ABS. We all do, it is just a matter of revealing yours. The years I have spent as a health and fitness expert, I have tried every supplement, every diet, and every workout routine possible trying to find mine and none of the worked. Only results I got were ones that left me tired, depressed, and confused why I had so much trouble seeing my ABS when I saw girls all over the place with no problem showing theirs! That’s what we do as girls; we see what one girl has and immediately it makes us feel like less than or as if our bodies are not good enough. Ironically though, in order to reveal your own ABS you have to follow your own nutrition and workout regimen and not everyone else’s because your body is unique and beautiful and it will take something authentic and original to reveal what is already inside of you.

For a long time, I always thought ABS were a physical goal to reach with no carbs, lots of cardio, and tons of crunches. I never realized in my search for a six-pack of ABS I would find a deeper kind of ABS that revealed my own Authentic Beauty and Strength. Health and Fitness is an inside out journey. What you put in your body will be reflected on the outside and vice versa-what you do to your body on the outside (like starve, abuse, over work, lack of rest, comparison, etc.) you will feel on the inside in the form of anxiety, sadness, discontent, and depression.


The beautiful thing about your body is that it already knows exactly what you need in order to function at its best. There is a reason life provides us with fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, healthy fats, clean proteins, and sources of nutrients because when were created our bodies were already in perfect form, yet somehow we came into the world and started the comparison game and assumed that we had to do a number of unhealthy things in order for it to be perfect.

Beautiful girl, you already have amazing ABS in your Authentic, Beautiful, Strong body that will show up the moment you begin to love, accept, and respect yourself for who you are. Your body is a strong place that houses your soul, so strengthen it 2-3 times per week with 30-45 minutes of a strength training routine. Your body needs proper nutrition to function at its best so feed it 4-5 times per day with each meal containing a lean protein (chicken breast, Greek yogurt, fish, turkey breast, clean protein powders), lots of green veggies (kale, spinach, broccoli, peppers, asparagus), healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, avocados, nut butters) and lots of water!  The more you fuel your body with proper foods, the more your body will fuel you with lots of energy and positive moods. Exercise is meant to be therapeutic and fun so take your workout outdoors or invite a friend and take turns picking exercises to challenge each other. If you need help creating a workout you can check out the dozens of workouts I post on my site HERE. 

Above all else, no matter where you are in your fitness journey whether it is the start or a long distance run, love yourself. Love your body as it is today and do not put off loving your body as a future event when you reach a certain weight or size; your body already deserves to be celebrated and appreciated for you already have Authentic Beauty and Strength. You do not need to go searching for those ABS!

About Ashley

ashley.jpgI AM Ashley Drummonds. I am a health and fitness expert and use my own journey in fitness to empower women to embrace both their inner and outer strength through ABS (Authentic Beauty and Strength). I have a passion for connecting, educating, and helping women all over the world to build strong bodies, create healthy lifestyles, and fall in love with their own beautiful body!


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