RESPECT: Give It, Get It

By: Amaranthia Gittens-Jones, Guest Blogger

If you disrespect anybody

That  you run in to
How in the world do you think
Anybody's s'posed to respect you…

“Respect Yourself” Lyrics by Ingram, Luther Thomas/Rice Mack

I recently read two articles about women not treating each other with respect. The first article,

“18 Things Women Need To Stop Doing To Each Other," published on, talked about things women shouldn’t do to each other such as gossiping, “slut-shaming,” making passive-aggressive comments, and so on. I have seen many girls and women behave in this way and it is tremendously hurtful. 

The second article, “17 Unladylike Things 20-Something Women a Have Got to Stop Doing,” was published on It made excellent points about etiquette and respect but many in the comments section thought it came off as being “sexist” and “controlling.” The writer made good points such as avoiding becoming intoxicated with alcohol to the point where you are unaware, being polite to people, and respecting your surroundings. The article promotes healthy behavior and relationships by saying woman need to respect and love each other.

However, I find the title a bit bothersome. The writer seems to want to control women’s actions through their choice of words. Using “ladylike” or “unladylike” can be insulting to some. To me the author is telling women to act in a specific way according to their gender. In my opinion the focus should not be on gender but about being a decent human being. 

Looking at both articles, you can see they both discuss class. The two articles talk about respecting people, your surroundings, and having good manners. Knowing what to keep private, what is appropriate to talk about/say, and much more. My parents often tell me that if you carry yourself well, people will treat you with respect. They say if something happens and you are placed in a compromising situation, having a good character could help you overcome. Taking care of your character is essential.


"Respect" by Amaranthia Gittens-Jones

 People on the Internet, television, and places such as school and the workplace can be discourteous to each other. For example, if you watch videos online, there is always a troll in the comments section being extremely rude to others or not expressing their opinion in a well-mannered way. The way these trolls behave is disrespectful and they cause disharmony in the online community in which they are participating. 

I feel it is important to respect people, even people you might not particularly like. Not being respectful can show that you have poor character, are closed-minded, and inconsiderate. I believe it is essential to have self-respect, high morals, and pride in self. If you feel good about your life then it would be difficult to mindlessly cause harm to others through your thoughts, words, and deeds.

Let's Chat!

How do you show respect for yourself? How do you show it for others? How can we change the conversation around self and mutual respect?

About Amaranthia:

Amaranthia_photo.jpgAmaranthia Sepia Gittens-Jones is 15 years old. She aspires to be a Mangaka (manga artist) and graphic artist. In the future, her goal is to finish her graphic novel/fantasy novel ‘Whimsy’ by the end of high school and become a successful writer and artist. FineArt Gallery:

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