Remember to Laugh in Life

I was out to dinner awhile back with a long-time guy friend, and we were catching up on all matters in life since we hadn't been in touch in over six months. The first few minutes were spent glazing over work, providing status updates on mutual friends, and personal state of mind. Then it was on to the good stuff like our respective love lives.

He humored me with some good dating anecdotes, while I told him that his most recent date at an ice skating rink was utterly lame (we don't walk and talk in circles for fun, so we definitely shouldn't skate and talk in circles). He then asked me how I'm enjoying my somewhat newly single status. I confided that, while trying to not sound arrogant, I have concerns about being a strong and confident woman in the dating game. His honest response was that many guys might be turned off by a woman that is very direct and ambitious, but there is a way to have some fun with it and still get the point across. You simply say, "Hi, I have my MBA and am working to take over my family's real estate company; oh, and I'm not wearing any underwear."

I nearly spit my red wine out on his nicely pressed dress shirt and the table next to us paused in conversation, concerned with what could have been said that had me nearly falling out of my chair laughing. It was the funniest thing I had heard all day or all week for that matter! And he said it with a totally straight face. The point is that you can be a serious person of ambition, but don't be afraid to add some humor to conversation. Not to mention, your date will surely be thinking about the last statement a lot more on that date than the first two, and which do you think will lead to the second date? I'm probably not going to actually use this line on my next date, but the premise really hit home. I need to not be so concerned about being respected and understood to the point that it removes the element of playfulness from life.

A lot of spiritual healing and internal processing is accomplished with intentional thought and meditation. It can all be very serious, so don't be afraid to smile and think of the little joys that you can seek out in life as well. Have you laughed out loud yet today? It carries with it some fantastic endorphins. We all control the path our thoughts travel, and if you choose to be happy then you can choose to make it a great day.

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