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By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular ContributorNovember 9, 2015



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I find it so funny that the last few months of every year seem to be divided into four sections: the re-ignition of pumpkin spice lattes, the drop in temperature, finding cute Halloween costumes, and Christmas time. Isn’t it interesting how our consumerist culture seems to conveniently forget about the holiday sandwiched in between the supermarket Halloween candy sales and the beginning of ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas?  

We are so quick to forget about being thankful for all that we have.

I’m so quick to forget to be thankful. I wake up every morning on top of a pillow-top mattress covered with a down comforter, and I walk downstairs to my kitchen with granite countertops to make coffee in my Keurig. Then I get ready for the day, spritz on expensive perfume, and get in my car and drive to class. I get to go to school and learn and type on an expensive computer, and then go study at Starbucks, cook a dinner in my oven, and wash my dishes in the dishwasher. Then, I take a hot shower, flick on my TV, scroll down my Netflix, work on my homework, and curl up in a warm and cozy bed.  

But still, I’ll lie in bed or be walking to class and whine about my day. I say I don’t want to do my homework. I’ll say that I don’t want to have to put gas in my car, or I don’t want to get out of my chair and run upstairs to get my laptop charger.

I take all of my blessings for granted, constantly.

I am so quick to forget that just miles down the road, people are struggling with money to buy food. It’s not the typical, “I need to survive off of Ramen for the week because I’m in college” broke, but it’s the “I work 40 hours a week and I still can’t make ends meet for my family” broke.

I am quick to forget that there are 62 million girls in the world who aren’t getting an education- and a lot of them live in fear of being shot or raped and kidnapped on their way to school. I attend a fantastic university, student loans or not.

I am quick to forget the millions of people who don’t have a comfortable place to sleep at night. While I sleep in a air-conditioned home, people are sleeping on park benches and in muddy, torn tents.

I am quick to forget that while I drink my lattes, people can’t find water to drink. People are digging through dumpsters to get food. People are collecting cans to try and string enough money together for a sack of potatoes.

I am quick to forget that while I sit in traffic, other people are trekking miles to get to work.

Cherish Thanksgiving this year.

Cherish having time to spend a holiday with food, fellowship, and giving thanks for all of the beauty and sparkle in your life- for your family and friends, for the meals you have on the table, for the things you get to do. Take a second and look past the mall window advertisements and focus on the bigger picture. Ignore the holiday propaganda and appreciate all of the goodness in your life, even when it’s intermingled with some rough stuff. So many people have it worse.

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