Redefining "Housewife"

By Danielle Spitz, Guest Blogger September 22, 2015

From an early age, girls are taught by society to aspire to marriage and to establish a life that revolves around the household. That includes tending to the husband, watching over the children and maintaining an organized and stable home. Or at least that is what we are taught that the role of a housewife entails.

In reality, a housewife is so much more. Any child that grew up with their mother around the house knows that being a housewife is the real deal and that the term “housewife” does not even come close to depicting the true responsibilities of a mother who works at home. A stay-at-home mother is responsible for turning a house into a home. Creating a loving and nurturing environment is no easy task, yet stay-at-home mothers tackle it with ease. This feat often taken for granted and overlooked.

They always prioritize themselves last and care for other members of the family first. A life of absolute modesty can be seen as underwhelming, yet mothers take pride in what they do, just like any other person would be proud of their work.


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As times change and stereotypes are broken, the term housewife becomes looser and looser. More women are taking jobs outside of the house and proving they can achieve anything that a man can. For women who choose to stay at home, their occupations are perceived as respectable rather than ordinary. Whether a woman chooses to work at home or outside of the house, either is extremely commendable because they are pursuing what makes them happy. And, of course, the same applies to men, whether they choose to work at home or not.

Women are often asked the question, “how do you balance your work life with your home life?” Men never have to answer this question. A working woman is in the same exact situation as a working man, and a mother who works at home is identical to a father who does the same. As soon as the lines separating the roles of a woman and a man dissolve, the term housewife will disappear and a working mother will simply "have a job."

Men and women should be proud to follow either path, as long as they are doing what makes them happy. Being a feminist includes supporting the decisions of women and men around us, and I have never been faced with an easier pill to swallow than respecting the women who choose to work so very hard at home.

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