Radiohead Karma

I was informed months ago that Radiohead was coming to Austin, and at the exact time that I would be in town. Now regardless of whether you know this band, all you need to know is they have a reputation for putting on an epic live show. In fact, a post show-goer enthusiastically declared, “Watching Radiohead live is like the World Series, the Olympics, Kentucky Derby and Formula One all wrapped up into one exciting show that you will spend a lifetime comparing things to and watching them fall miserably short.” A slight exaggeration surely, but I had yet to witness this once in a lifetime experience.

So with the help of a dear friend, I received an e-mail confirmation that two tickets awaited my pick up and not at any venue in Austin, but the venue. Radiohead was scheduled to play at two locations; Moody Theater and the Frank Erwin Center. I was informed that tickets to see the band at the more intimate Moody were beyond impossible, so if I had a chance of seeing them at all it would certainly be at Frank Erwin. As I reread my message, however, it clearly said, �Alexis Jones, two tickets await you for Radiohead at the Moody Theater. Tickets can be picked up at Will Call and the doors open at 8.� My eyes popped out of my head and I squealed as high-pitched and involuntarily as when I was seven years old and unwrapped my �Escapades Barbie.�

I also found myself thinking that Charlie and I had a lot in common. We both found ourselves holding a golden ticket deciding what lucky person’s dreams we were about to make come true. My first phone call was to my brother Nate. He responded incredulously to his little sister’s exasperated gushing, “Wait, you mean Radiohead? At Moody?” We both sat on the phone actually hearing the smile on one another’s faces. Then comes a long pause. “The only problem is that it's Sarah’s (his wife) favorite band,” he explained as if someone had just stolen his childhood dream right before his very eyes. “I have to give the ticket to her." Damn!! For the record, temptation of whether or not you are a good husband is not avoiding looking at five naked girls, but giving up tickets to Radiohead at Moody. I physically felt the agony in his voice, the struggle of what was the right thing to do verses what he wanted to do. “Well it’s your ticket and I’d be happy to go with either of you, so just let me know!”

About 20 minutes later I get a call from his wife saying, “I’m freaking out about the show; Nate said you have an extra ticket for me.” My brother is a good human being, and an even better husband and dad. So with my stomach turning, I called her back. “Actually, you and Nate should take my tickets.” I hung up to the sounds of excited yelling and a chorus of gratitude.

Two minutes later, after the bittersweetness of witnessing a celebration at my expense, I received a phone call. “Hey Lex, I just got two tickets to Radiohead at Moody, wanna be my plus one?” I decided that good things do happen to good people. And for the record, yes, it was one of the most epic shows of my life. It was made even better when I got to hear my brother and sister-in-law recount what will also go down as one of the best nights of their life.Images courtesy of,

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