Putting Yourself First

By Marissa Parks, Regular Contributor

So we have ALL been there. There is that one cute boy or girl that you adore and would do anything for. He or she finally talks to you, and you are completely flustered! As the butterflies fill up in your stomach, your head spins and it feels like you don’t even know what reality is anymore. Your perfect match has popped into your life, and you feel like everything is complete. Maybe this happiness lasts for a month, a year, or even just a short amount of time until he/she asks you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with at all. You feel crushed; everything was literally perfect until this one moment, and it dawned on you that Mr. or Mrs. Perfect might not be the right one after all. So where do you go from here? It’s easy to want to give in; you are literally sooooo close to swinging the person of your dreams, but is it worth it? Is it worth the romance or should you wear your heart on your sleeve and hold your ground? Of course, everything is done on an individual basis, but assessing your options is vital at this moment, because it can determine your future with this individual.


Let’s assess the relationship. Is this one that you feel will go far? Is he or she worth putting in the extra work? Initially, you might want to say yes, but if you still have that gut feeling that you are doing something that you think is morally wrong or just uncomfortable for you, back away from the situation. Sometimes seeing what is best for you instead of for them is a priority before you discuss a future with them. From personal experience, I believe that sometimes putting yourself first is what’s best. They should admire you for your confidence and willingness to stand your ground.

Nevertheless, if your perfect partner does not accept you for you, there is always going to be someone else who will! You just do you girl and everything will work out!

Let's chat! Have you ever made sacrifices in a relationship that you were unsure about it? How did it turn out, good or bad? Talk about it here!

About Marissa

MARISSA_PARKS_(1).jpgMarissa Parks is a junior at Texas State University in San Marcos. Other than being a bobcat, she is a member of the Human Rights Campaign and a huge fan of HEB tortilla chips and breakfast tacos. She believes in helping women be the best they can be and equality for everyone. You will most likely find her floating the river, reading a book or hiking in Austin.



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