Pussy Riot Heroines

The title of this band may ruffle some feathers, and I get that, but the Russian feminist group has bigger issues than the backlash of a potentially offensive band name. Pussy Riot recently made headlines for publicly disagreeing with President Vladimir Putin’s beliefs, especially his close ties to the church. So these audacious musicians went into a church, sang a song, and now three members have been sentenced to two years in jail for the performance!

Now I have to be honest; I miss the glory days of feminism. Let me clarify that statement by saying I miss the days where people got off their buts, rallied together, and fought for something bigger. I've heard stories of passion-filled individuals who were distraught over something and rather than complain about it, got up, and did something about it. So, I absolutely commend these girls. Do I agree with the group�s political views or the exact way Pussy Riot went about doing it? Not necessarily, but I will stand firmly behind anyone who has the courage to face Goliath (especially when you�re talking about a country like Russia and a leader like Putin).

Then again, I tend to ruffle feathers, be insatiably rebellious, and (at times) ignorant about the ramifications of my passion-filled exploits. I also tend to buck the system, chronically question everything, and pick fights with bullies. So, when I hear of brave women (or men for that matter) standing in front of a moving tank and refusing to back down, I can�t help but get shivers down my spine because we need more people like that in this world.

I feel like so many people go through life trying not to make any waves. I guess I just don’t see it as really living when you play small, color inside the lines, and don’t take risks. That being said, do I think you have to commit illegal acts and get sentenced to jail in order to really live? Of course not, I just know that a life without passion, without an innate battle that you wake up and fight for daily is a dull version of what’s possible. I wish we had more people out there willing to stand up, fight for change, and give a voice to the thousands if not millions who don’t have the courage to speak up.

A few of the band members have now fled the country and I hope we cross paths because I’m sure those girls have one hell of a story. It’s the kind of stuff movies are made of, the kind of defiance, courage, and audacity that ignites real change. May we find the same kind of bravery in our own lives (minus the getting arrested part), may we think for ourselves, and speak our truth as these girls have done. Don’t be afraid to refuse to settle for the status quo, break the rules, fight for what you believe in, and run like hell if you get busted! Life is so very short and we need less comatose Barbies and more bad ass chicks.

After all, as Katharine Hepburn once said, "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” And Laurel Thatcher Ulrich just put the icing on the cake when she said, “ Well-behaved women seldom make history.” So, I certainly plan on having as much fun as possible in this lifetime and making history is definitely on my “To-Do” list. I encourage you to join me.

Images courtesy of Evolver.fm, Chevychase.patch.com 

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