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By Dana Zillgitt, Regular ContributorAugust 5, 2015

As women, we’re taught that we should want to be perfect, that our lives are not complete if we’re not striving to be societally flawless.

But what would happen if we all decided to love ourselves the way we saw ourselves in the mirror?

I mean, sure, we’ll all have our days when we feel less than perfect, but that’s okay as long as we’re able to come back from them and realize that even in imperfection we have something to feel beautiful about.  A crucial part of this is accepting that there will be highs as well as lows and that this isn’t a sprint or even a marathon. It’s a journey-similar to Harry Potter, but without a physical Voldemort we can fight against or an army of healthy potions at the ready to make it all go away.

Anyway. This is where a new web-series called #projectwomankind comes in. Hailing from Australia, a group of models is tackling the fear of imperfection with a whole new light in hopes of reminding us all that we’re worth it. And yes, this has become a trend as of recently as celebrities tell us that it gets better, that we’re worth it, that we’re necessary. But the strange thing about this trend is that it wouldn’t be necessary if we didn’t already believe it; if we didn’t struggle in silence as so many of us do and are often ashamed to admit.


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So why is this web series important? Founder Jessica Vander Leahy sums it up pretty well by saying, “I wanted to create something where women could talk about their good days and their bad days, and how they feel about themselves-not just their bodies-but their inner acceptance of who they are as people,” and goes on to add, “my bigger goal is to wrap people up in the comfort of knowing that everyone is on the same journey.” Another notable member, Stefania Ferrario, spearheaded the #droptheplus campaign by pressuring the fashion industry to stray away from its obsession with scale numbers and the smallest size.

But all of that and these different campaigns are just words. Women are fine striving for this ideal we see in the media, so why are models, from the very industry cultivating this ideal, speaking out against it?

The web series highlights each of the five models experience within the fashion industry as well as their personal struggles with body images and how they overcame it on a daily basis. The promo video not only shows these real women with confidence, but it also shows that they have a real concept of how body image works. It’s about having a system in place of acknowledging your bad days-that they will come no matter how many steal guards you have in place-but also taking that concept and realizing they only help you appreciate your beauty even more.

Even more importantly, it notes that every woman’s relationship with her body is just that-a relationship. It ebbs and flows like most anything else, and it’s important that we continue cultivating it in a healthy manner, so that when the bad days come, they don’t wreck us entirely.

This campaign is one of many needed campaigns in the age of social media and hashtags.  And yes, it’s one of many. Yes, it’s another hash tag trend. But at the same time, it’s a method of visual and social constructs that are getting us talking. It’s getting us to relate to more than our immediate circle. And if #projectwomankind will do anything, it will further reinforce the idea that beauty isn’t constricted to a specific size or ideal. It’s about realizing that we must accept ourselves and that it’s more than all right to do so. In fact, it’s necessary.  

So here’s to being kind to not only others but to ourselves as well. May we always remind ourselves we’re worth it and that we have a space to grow that’s all our own.

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