Proceed with Passion

I love to look at the time line of a year and establish “seasons” by major life events. May is the beginning of Wedding Season and also Graduation Season. It is a time marked by new beginnings and driven by passion. The passion brought into these chapters from the very beginning is most effective when combined with a sense of direction. Hopefully, couples entering into marriage have an idea of where they hope to see their lives go together as they prepare to build a home and family. But what about the new graduates about to embark on the journey of young adulthood? It is a time when one must start to lay the foundation for what they will ultimately build their life upon.

If the momentous occasion of college graduation is an event of your past then I ask you take a moment, look back and try to remember if you, like many, had a passion and direction fueled by hope and optimism. Are those hopes and dreams still related to how you live your life today? Has life taken a different course either by choice or chance?

I lived in my sorority house my senior year of college with a dear friend of mine, and we shared a small room on the third floor. We had matching Pottery Barn bedspreads, hair products galore, and spent many a night talking about our hopes and dreams for the future (and boys, of course). I was sitting on my bed working on a paper one afternoon when my roommate bounced into the room with a huge grin on her face and stars in her eyes. Naturally, I inquired about her day and the cause of her heightened energy. She told me, in a very matter-of-fact way that she had an epiphany during her writing class and was so excited about this life-changing realization.

She sat down, so I braced myself for whatever wild news was about to come. "I have decided that I would like to be the editor of Vogue one day,” she simply stated. “I know I will be good at it and I know that I am capable of making it happen." I smiled, provided some encouraging words, and the two of us went on with our day. It was her “Aha! Moment.” Today, I am still in touch with this dear friend and she might not be the editor of Vogue, but she is a very successful branding and PR specialist in the fashion and beauty industry with her own firm along with a list of clients. Sometimes I think she figured out that it would be more fun to make the editors work for her and decided to change course in order to make that happen.

Not all of us are so lucky to have an epiphany about our greater purpose and destiny in life before grabbing our college diploma, but at some point we have to look in the mirror and decide who we see ourselves becoming.

�There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.� - Nelson Mandela

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