Pretty Patience

If patience was a dozen eggs, mine would be cracked. If it was a set of tires, mine would certainly be flat, and if it was a cake, yup, mine would be burnt. Needless to say, patience was not included on my superhero tool belt. In fact, I can confidently say that it is undoubtedly my kryptonite. Instead of considering this a weakness, however, I figured I should use it to my advantage whenever possible. While it doesn’t always work, it does prove that I can find a silver lining in almost anything.

Here are just a few ways my impatience has served me:

I completed a two-year master's program in a year just because I didn't want to wait two years.

I didn't have a car and rather than wait for the magic car fairy, I went on The Price Is Right and told the producers I was going to win one. I did.

  It has greatly increased my reading speed because I don't want to sit through an entire book.

  I hate waiting in traffic, so I walk most places I need to go, thus my bootie benefits.

  I travel a lot because I tend to make hasty plane ticket purchases, which are rarely refundable.

Of course, there are a few ways it has not served me:

I often don’t leave voice mails because I don’t like having to wait that long, so when it’s important, people don’t know to call me back immediately.

I rarely complete something before I’m on to the next thing, which drives people in my life mad.

When I can’t find parking and just have to “quickly” run in somewhere, I’ll park illegally and have now budgeted for the amount of tickets I am likely to receive.

One summer when I was younger, I decided that I wanted to study in Spain. I bought a ticket, signed up for a Spanish program, and was on a flight 17 hours later (my parents still hold this against me).

I routinely wear my heart on my sleeve, and yes, it has gotten broken.

So like anything, there are pros and cons. After all, patience is a virtue. Sometimes the most extraordinary things come from exercising this spectacular quality. All I know is that with the strength, determination, and resilience of the people surrounding me, I have held out numerous times and I AM THAT GIRL is better as a result. If you ever find yourself wanting to throw in the towel, even though I may not know your circumstances specifically, my advice is to hold out just a bit longer. I have a feeling it will be worth the wait!

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