Poppy Smart Stands Up to Catcalls

By Guest Blogger, Sana Noor

Poppy Smart may have just done the one thing that we've always wanted to do yet never had the voice to: stand up to sexual harassment

When you're walking down the street, you shouldn't be worried about harassment of any kind. And frankly, no matter what anyone says, catcalling is harassment. From my own personal experience, men don't really care what clothes you're wearing or how much skin you're revealing. To them, women deserve to be ogled and whistled at. Thankfully, not all men are the same though.


And yet, I can assure you that the men Poppy complained about would hate it if their own girlfriends were catcalled in front of them or even their mothers or sisters. Why doesn't this same courtesy apply to a girl, woman, female who’s innocently walking down a street? Why must women be objectified all the time?

If it was a woman catcalling a man, wouldn't he feel slightly creeped out? Not everyone likes the attention that their innocent body brings from walking down the street to work. 

However, what's must disturbing about this story is that Poppy was among the few who spoke out. Women who are gutsy will call out to the catcalls, but not everyone is made the same way. Usually women ignore the whistles and remarks, change routes, and hope that somehow these men will ignore them.

When did being chivalrous die down? Why must these men, who insist of giving the good ones a bad name, resort to actions that were synonymous to a time when women had no rights and were in fact just mere objects?

Hopefully, others just like Poppy have the courage to speak up. We can all be like Poppy and stand up to the end of catcalls. 

Let's chat! Have you ever experienced being catcalled at? How did that make you feel about yourself? How can we bring and end to this harassment? Tell us about it here

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SANA_NOOR.jpgSana Noor is a Grammar fanatic, simply loves the colour blue, anything with a history and Florence and the Machine. Her heart bleeds poetry and believes in the art of the handwritten letter. 




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