Political Animals


Politics, media, and what seems like the endless conversation surrounding its portrayal of women always draws a fair share of deep sighs. Now there�s a new show called Political Animals premiering this Sunday on USA about a female secretary of state with two boys; one is engaged to be married and one is gay and her husband is a cheater and a former president! While some may think that this is a win for women because the show has a strong female lead, I can�t help but wonder if the stereotypes personified by her character are perpetuating a message that women in political power have to sacrifice a certain level of self-love and family values to be successful. And for that matter, the stereotype placed on men of liars and cheaters is only going to continue to set a standard that it's OK, so we should all probably just accept it. Don�t even get me started on the fact that being gay is still a scandal. What year are we in anyway?


The fact remains that we, as a society, want the drama. We want to know what goes on behind closed doors and the more messed up someone is, the more likely we are to tune in. Who really has the power, though? Does society dictate what�s on TV or does the media manipulate society? Is it the chicken or the egg?


I hope Sigourney Weaver’s character has some real power, and fights for her right to be an emotional creature. I’d love to see a feminine touch that results in a good political solution. Then again, if all of us as beings are filled with both masculine and feminine energy, maybe it’s the masculine side that achieves success at work and the feminine that's essential for personal relationships. More is sure to be revealed as we see these characters and storylines unravel. In the meantime, let’s strive for watching media consciously so it can be the entertainment it was meant to be, and not the destruction of our intrinsic self-worth.

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