Planned Parenthood Triumphs

If you�re remotely connected to social media and not living under a rock, you can�t help but have heard about people�s outrage regarding Planned Parenthood and the Susan G. Komen foundation. Recently, there was controversy about Susan G. Komen refusing to allocate much needed funds to the national organization and female health care provider, Planned Parenthood. While there are certainly conspiracy theories floating around, political banter regarding pro-life, Republican influence and other sticky opinions, I have but one. I need Planned Parenthood. Why? Because even with insurance, my birth control is over $50 a month and once a year I walk into a Planned Parenthood location and in less than one hour, I walk out with an entire year supply worth over $600. That�s why.

I�m not here to push my religious views, influence girls into being pro-choice or open up a dialogue about the stigmas of birth control, premarital sex verses abstinence or any other highly contentious opinion. All I can say is that yes, I do use birth control and when I find ways to save $600, I�m smart enough to capitalize on it. So when I heard that one of the biggest funders for my money-saving machine was being pulled, my ears perked up.

Suddenly the conversation wasn’t about all of the beneficial support, educational information regarding female health, or the affordable health care that Planned Parenthood provided; instead it was a myopically small conversation about political agendas and the way in which an individual can sway money allocations based on how they want to be perceived by the public. That is not alright with me. As I mentioned before, this has nothing to do with the moral implications of pro-life or pro-choice, though Planned Parenthood does provide abortion options. I think it’s a shame when their organization is demonized for just one of the hundreds of helpful, potentially life-saving tests, procedures and education services they offer. They are providing an outlet for girls and women who otherwise would not have access to basic female health care and for that I am grateful.


What upsets me about this situation is that the girls are the ones who are punished by bigwigs (mostly guys) sitting in a room making major decisions impacting an entire demographic that most of them have zero contact with. You see, my life is girls and when I see them being neglected, their voices invalidated and their rights ignored, then it is my business. The irony is that the outrage Susan G. Komen ignited by their refusal to fund Planned Parenthood inspired more donations to Planned Parenthood than they have had in years and Susan G. Komen received such disapproval and controversial retaliation, that they retracted their original statement and decision to deny funding. A top official also just resigned as a result of the uproar. So, Planned Parenthood won in the end and walked away a well-funded saint.


Nobody messes with my girls. Thank you Planned Parenthood for the millions of girls you serve annually, for creating a way for all girls to afford proper health care and for staying strong when people hate on you. You have paid for my dear friend's ultrasound when she detected a lump, walked a friend through a pregnancy, treated a friend�s unfortunate sexual abuse aftermath, and provided me with affordable birth control. I appreciate you, and I�m glad you�re still in business.

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