Pitch Not Perfect

By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular Contributor

I was so excited for Pitch Perfect 2. I was the biggest fan of the first movie. I found it to be hilarious and thought it had a lot of heart. My mom, sister, and I sat down in the movie theater for the second one, and I was so ready.

But I was disappointed.


Pitch Perfect 2 was a mash-up of sadly racist, sexist, and slightly dehumanizing jokes. To quote a Huffington post article, “each female character is reduced to a single stereotype. The Asian girl speaks very quietly. The black, semi-butch lesbian can hardly control her sexual urges. As for the Guatemalan lass, she sees her future as being deported after she graduates and then drowning when she tries to smuggle herself back on a boat. Told in a deadpan manner, this is supposed to be very funny. Tell that to the relatives of all the thousands of folks who have died recently in just such a manner. Additionally, Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy's humor stems completely from her being overweight and buffoonish. I doubt making the obese girl the class clown is really the way to breakdown body biases.”

I was confused as to why this was okay, in any means. The jokes from the male anchor opposite Elizabeth Banks’s character didn’t bother me- I knew he was supposed to be a misogynistic character. However, the female characters did. I was surprised and saddened at the stereotypes that this movie seemed so glad to portray- Fat Amy, the immigrant from Guatemala, an angry lesbian. I felt like the humor ran dry, and it was almost painful to watch. When did vaguely racist comments and stereotypical assumptions become humor?

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Let's chat! Did you see Pitch Perfect 2? What did you think of the stereotypical roles? What was your reaction to the sexist remarks? Share with us here!

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  • commented 2015-06-21 19:38:16 -0700
    Has no one really commented on this? I’m surprised. I, for one, think that humor is great for bringing to light these stereotypes and is a great tool for addressing things that are not PC. I thought the movie was totally funnyand i love how fat Amy exudes confidence!

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