Pilates Done Right with Anula Maiberg

By Brian Conn, Guest BloggerNovember 5, 2015


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Pilates is a form of exercise designed to help people better perform normal, daily activities. This, in essence, is the goal of almost every form of exercise. However, somewhere along the way the purpose of physical fitness was altered. It seems that in today’s world the main purpose for going to the gym is to simply look good in front of a mirror. Fortunately, there are people out there like Anula Maiberg who help us understand a more fulfilling meaning.

Anula is the owner and instructor of a Pilates studio in Manhattan, and she has recently gained a lot of attention for her role in inspiring other to embrace their bodies and love themselves. She describes herself as curvy and full-figured, and to many this may come as a shock.

It’s rare that you find a full-figured Pilates fitness instructor, but she makes it a point to iterate that she does not aim to be an aspirational body but, instead, an aspirational person.

Anula’s studio is an inspiration to those who wish to better themselves, for themselves. With a staff that comes from all walks of life, they welcome and encourage diversity. It’s true that Anula doesn’t fit the mold of your average fitness instructor, but that’s what makes her so great. So many people put limits on themselves and what they can do, because they don’t think they fit the mold. However, Anula proudly represents what can happen when you follow your passions. She doesn’t let other people’s opinions of her keep her from helping others and doing what she loves.

Accepting and embracing who you are is the most empowering thing that anyone can do. Anula has demonstrated extreme bravery by accepting who she is and showing the world her true self. She provides a great example for women and men to be vulnerable without fear.

These are the necessary attributes of fitness instructors, not how skinny they are.

A freedom comes with embracing who you truly are. This freedom allows you to live and enjoy life without fear of judgement. It allows you to love your imperfections, embrace your passions, and find the people who will love you for EXACTLY who you are. Let’s take Anula’s lead. Be brave, be  vulnerable, be you.

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Why do you exercise? DO you ever feel pressured to look a certain way at a fitness class or in the gym? How can we begin to embrace our true selves in exercise? Tell us below!

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