Permission to RELAX!

By: Alexis Meads, Regular Contributor

Lately I’ve started to ask myself: why is it that we’re so addicted to over-giving and over-doing?

With my clients I often talk about why, particularly as women, we’re great at giving to others and keeping busy but not so good at allowing ourselves to receive and relax.

We run ourselves into the ground and not only end up feeling overwhelmed and depleted, but we lose our radiant beauty.

I am certainly no exception, and while it can be easy to talk about it’s difficult to put into practice.

Why is it so hard to allow ourselves to rest and relax without feeling guilty?

See if any of these resonate with you…

  • You give more time and energy to your friends and family than yourself
  • You value doing for the sake of doing more than receiving and relaxing
  •  You don’t trust that by allowing yourself to rest your needs will be met

If any of this rings true with you, you probably feel that a huge burden rests on your shoulders. This can lead to sickness, fatigue, stress, and anxiety. And the truth is, the more you give to yourself by allowing yourself the time and space to receive, the more abundance will appear in your life. This is how self-love works!


This lesson came knocking at my door last week in a loud way. I had been sick for two weeks and couldn’t seem to kick a sinus infection. I wouldn’t allow myself to be sick and kept pushing to live my normal life (aka exercise, getting up early, going out with friends, working all day, making dinner for my family). I thought that if I let myself stop and rest, somehow I failed.

When I realized that my sinus infection was not going away on it’s own, I decided to see a doctor. I asked the doctor how I could have kept my cold from turning into an infection? He responded, “You know…tea, soups, lots of rest.”

I felt like an idiot.

I’m the Wellness Coach and I couldn’t see the transparency of that truth! Had I just stopped beating myself up over being sick and let my body rest I would have gotten better a lot faster.

So the next day I indulged and allowed myself to be taken care of. My fiancé even wrote me a “sick day note” to give me permission to take it easy and allow myself to be taken care of. My personal indulgence is watching old episodes of Glee on Netflix. I love to sing and dance so this combination never fails to cheer me up!

While it was a little depressing lying on the couch during one of the nicest spring days, it’s what I needed. I felt better within a day. And that is self-love. It is a never-ending lesson of asking what you need and allowing yourself room to receive it.

So if you’re feeling a little down and out, ask yourself:

  • What do I need today?
  • How can I take care of myself, so I can better give to others?
  • What do I need to forgive myself for?

Now, give yourself the time and space to relax and receive.

Keep your glow a glowin’!

IATG_Headshot.jpgAlexis Meads received her M.A. at Harvard University. She is a Certified Wellness Coach and Self-Love Expert. She helps women to fall madly in love, feel sexy and confident every day and create a life full of adventure. For more articles, visit or download her Free Video Training here.



Image courtesy S.Moeschen

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