Pageantry Takes a Stand Against Trump

By Devin Riggs, Regular ContributorJuly 9, 2015

It looks like Donald Trump has talked his way into quite the pickle as he announced his presidential campaign last week.

His controversial comments about immigrants have had some major consequences as NASCAR and its sponsors are taking steps to end relations with Trump and his business. Macy’s and Serta have also broken connections in response to his tirade against immigrants. And NBC has fired him from hosting The Apprentice series and dropped both Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants from their line-up.

While the Reelz channel has signed on to broadcast the July 12th Miss USA pageant, people are pulling out of the pageants in protest. Cheryl Burke and Thomas Roberts have dropped as hosts. And, Televisa is no longer sending a representative from Mexico to the Miss Universe pageant.



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People are taking a stand against this intolerance. It feels like justice is being served for his racist and discriminatory comments. He cannot go unpunished for verbally attacking a large community that continues to grow and make a huge contribution to our nation.

But this isn’t just about Trump.

What about those who are sticking with the pageants despite the controversy? The official statement of the Miss Universe organization did not denounce Trump or his comments, but stood firm in its mission to

“welcome those from all backgrounds to enter our system” and “empower young women to be confident and to be their personal best.”

Two of the contestants have also spoken of their drive to continue in their pursuit of the crown because “this is a great opportunity for Latinos to rise up and prove themselves,” and these contestants are “not going to let [their] states down.”

Trump is not the sole owner of the Miss Universe Organization, but he is the most recognized. Does that mean we turn our backs on those who are still committed to raising awareness and money for “philanthropic endeavors?” While I struggle to see how the swimsuit and formal wear portions of the pageant contribute to philanthropy, I also understand the immense and important opportunity that these women have to make the world a better place. They should not be forgotten in the shadow of Trump’s intolerant beliefs.

Regardless of what side you fall on, I hope that those involved in the pageant season take this unfortunate situation as an opportunity to highlight the struggles of immigrants and start a new conversation about tolerance and kindness and working together to make this country and the world better for all people.

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What do you think about Trump's immigration views? Do you agree with women participating or pulling out of the pageant? How have the voices of these pageant women helped spread awareness? Tell us below!

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