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Anyone who has watched Don Draper spin his Mad Men magic knows that when it comes to advertising "truth" is a luxury, a figment of the imagination. What might make for provocative television bears real, serious, and even dangerous impacts in our everyday, lived lives. We at IATG are acutely aware of the way media representations of women, especially as they relate to print, television, and internet advertisements, contribute to the erosion of our collective and individual beautyFULL. Consider these facts:

  • 42% of girls in grades 1-3 express a desire to be "thinner"
  • 80% of women admit they feel self-shame when looking at a beauty ad
  • 51% of girls ages 9-12 feel better about themselves when dieting



Many factors contribute to these statistics, but the fact remains that advertising is a powerful influencer. Too powerful and it's beyond time to hold the industry accountable and demand change. That's where Seth Matlins comes in.

Seth is a fierce women's/girls' advocate and the driving force behind Feel More Better, an organization committed to helping make the world an easier place for women/girls to be happier. He is turning his attention to help stop the flow of harmful and toxic advertising strategies that negatively effect women and girls by petitioning the FTC to pass the Truth in Advertising Act. Seth writes:

When a prescription drug is making people sick, we ask for an investigation. When false, deceptive and "photoshopped" advertising -- creates anatomically impossible, fake, and unhealthy images of human bodies -- is making our children sick, in the absence of industry self-regulation, the body responsible for investigating deceptive advertising and protecting consumers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has a duty to step in and investigate what's making our kids (and adults too) sick. That’s why I’m asking you to join me and my family in supporting the passage and implementation of the bipartisan Truth in Advertising Act.

IATG is proud to do our part to support Seth and this critical legislation. Here's what you can do, too!

  • Hop on over to change.org and sign the petition!
  • Share the petition, this article, or take to your blog and write about this issue to raise awareness and involvement! 
  • Spread the word on Twitter and beyond and include the hashtag: #TruthInAds

Together we CAN make the world healthier for women and girls! #bethatgirl!

-IATG Team



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