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By: Corrine Lin, IATG Contributor February 18, 2016


As a teenager, I have always battled with myself internally. I dared not speak up because of my lack of self-confidence and self-esteem issues. I was always seeking the approval of others, even though I already knew what I liked or wanted.


Denying myself the privilege to decide for myself was my weakness in my early life. I was constantly asking people for my worth based on their judgement of me. 


However, I did not come to these realizations immediately. It was through many accounts of self-observations, self-questioning, and being open to feedback that I began to realize my strengths and faults. I was in the same vicious loop of self-doubts, hurtful relationships, and unhappiness before I decided I had had enough. 


Over time, I slowly began to feel more comfortable with my choices. I started gaining confidence by completing little projects and goals.


You can’t learn more about yourself until you know how to spend time with yourself. You’ll find yourself by getting lost in uncomfortable situations and challenging yourself. You won't grow until you’re open to explore and adventure.


What I know


Growth is a never-ending process. Growth is work in progress. Learning should be a continuous journey. 


You are good enough, and you can be better.


Life is a journey of ups and downs, trips, stumbles, and climbs. You get to stand up and have a good laugh in the end, but in between, you may feel tired, defeated, and may even question the reason you’re here.


But while it may seem difficult and confusing now, the key is to keep going. 


What I’m Learning 


Never give in to failure. You only fail when you stop trying. If you keep going, even with a 1% success rate, you’ll reach your goal one day. 


Keep learning. While we may pursue degrees and certificates, learning does not stop with school. Education is a lifelong process.

What We All Need


Help along the way. Find your circle of support. Get the right support and encouragement to walk along with you and push you forward. Have a workout buddy, a coffee friend, a mentor, or a supporter who believes in you. Find the circle that you belong with.  


Make the most of these 12 months; make it your year of adventure! 


Let’s Chat!

What do you want to achieve in the next twelve months? What steps are you taking now to achieve these goals? Grab your besties and share your dreams and designs with them, support each other in making these goals realities!


 About Corinne

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