Once in a Blue Marriage


A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I were discussing Snapchat also known as the Chronic Sexter App. He told me that he was engaging in a naughty back-and-forth with a girl, but immediately after telling me, guilt washed over him. “Don’t feel bad; last time I checked ‘Thou shalt not sext’ hasn’t been added to the Ten Commandments,” I reassured him. After showing me a picture of her with a diamond ring glimmering from her ring finger, however, I quickly realized why he felt bad.

In the past two years my feelings on marriage have changed drastically and the “sexting wife” story just further solidified my newfound belief system. I’ve heard countless other stories of infidelity from friends or witnessed it with my own eyes. After all these experiences one thing became wildly obvious to me; so many people get married for the wrong reasons. It’s actually really sad. I don’t know if it’s family pressure, society pressure, for tax reasons or just because people are scared to be alone, but the fact is tons of people say “yes” when they should be saying “absolutely not.”

Marriage should be rare. It should only take place with two people who have an ideal, surreal, perfect love for each other. I know what you’re thinking; “That type of love doesn’t exist you crazy optimist!” Well, does a Tarsier exist? Not sure what a Tarsier is? It’s an extremely rare primate found in Southeast Asia that kind of looks like a Furby possessed by a demon. Now even though you’ve never seen one of these endangered Tarsiers, you can be certain they’re hanging around Southeast Asia somewhere. True, genuine, lasting love is similar to these Tarsiers because it’s uncommon.

The problem is that people think marriage is something that should be regularly practiced, but it shouldn’t be. It should be reserved for the couples who are so immeasurably happy with each other that nothing could break them. Not even the inevitable acting up of hormones, the guaranteed epic quarrels or the constant trial and error that a couple is bound to face should cause the couple’s love to waver or wonder to the nearest pretty smile or handsome face.

Despite the countless infidelity I’ve heard of and seen, bitterness and pessimism has not taken over my outlook of marriage. And that’s because of some Tarsiers I know, even though it’s just two couples out of all my friends. Four people give my theory some validity, though. These people are in such exciting, incredible love that it keeps me a believer. Sure they fight and get frustrated with each other, but all are committed and try their best to make each other consistently happy. One of those couples is getting married soon and it’s going to be magical in a way that every wedding should be. It should fill you with an out-of-this-world feeling as you watch two people confirm undying love for each other.

So, the lesson here is that it’s perfectly fine to say “no.” Seriously, it’s better for both of you if you say “no” and take some time to realize what it is you’re committing to. And if people start getting smart, hopefully “no” will become a more consistent answer, that way there will be a lot less naked wives on Snapchat.

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