By: Yana Santiago, Guest Contributor


She knows that life is a big gamble, it’s all or nothing. She never settles. She knows that wandering around the world is a crazy idea, but crazy is what she lives for. She is quite ambitious. She is slowly becoming fearless. She is slowly becoming.

She believes she’ll go places. She loves the idea of meeting all kinds of people. She feels the need to hear their stories. She is not afraid of being different. No one can tell her what she can or can’t do with her life. I guess, she’s quite stubborn in that sense. She knows what she wants. She loves the people who love her. She does not stay in a single corner and does one thing that she knows won’t change the world. She leaps. She occasionally loses her mind. She can’t help it, she has big dreams for herself and for the world she wants to live in, and they are adorned in rhinestones and laces. She is, in every sense of the word, hungry. She plans to stay that way. She is a dreamer. But more importantly, she is a doer.

About Yana

yana_2.jpgYana Santiago is a wanderer and the founder of Olivia & Diego, an enterprise that supports and empowers women through fashion. She studied Clothing Technology in the University of the Philippines.






Image courtesy Yana Santiago


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