On Being Alice

By Soumya Kulkarni, Regular ContributorOctober 3, 2015

I remember reading Alice in Wonderland as a young child and feeling this sense of wonder and amazement. The Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, and Queen of Hearts captivated my imagination (I also particularly liked the Dodo Bird and the Caucus Race). Throughout the book, Alice wanders around, slowly savoring the sights, courageously trying new things, taking risks, and fully enjoying her time. She is emotional; she cries when she is frustrated, but she’s also a loyal friend and a great leader.

Most importantly, she’s just trying to make sense of the world around her.


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Do you ever have those moments when you’re left utterly dazed by the talent, beauty, and creativity you’re surrounded by? Perhaps you have a conversation with a good friend, read an incredible story on social media, finish an extraordinary book, listen to a fabulous song, or take a walk in nature. Throughout the experience, you can feel your body tensing up with palpable excitement, nucleic thoughts bouncing through you head like super-charged particles. After, you are simply drunk in the moment, nothing is impossible. You feel numb and static-y, your hands and feet won’t sit still because they’re itching to do something.

Our natural instinct as humans is to not be vulnerable, to not feel, because feeling can be so much more painful than nonchalance.

But I think it’s these moments in a person’s life that define us- the moments that shake us to the bone, the sights that leave us gasping in awe, the people whose souls we touch, and the people whose souls touch ours.

By restricting and confining ourselves to mundane lives, we often miss the miracles that surround us constantly. Our ability to connect with people and things beyond the most basic level determines the richness of our experiences and our overall happiness.

Be unafraid; dare to let yourself feel. Believe in the impossible. Allow yourself to be speechless and amazed. Ask more questions. Realize that your importance doesn’t come from money, power, or position- you are important because you are yourself. Take time to appreciate the ordinarily extraordinary.

From this moment forward, I resolve to be a little more like Alice: to jump down rabbit holes without knowing where they will take me; to listen and notice more; and to try new things without feeling naïve, young, or silly. What do you think? Are you with me?

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How can we all be a little more like Alice? What brave and adventurous thing can you do today? Tell us below! 

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