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What happens when you take 15 girls committed to rocking hearts, changing minds, and shifting girl culture for the better forever? Pure. Magic. This October IATG launched our first Leadership Retreat, an opportunity to bring a handful of Local Chapter leaders together to dig deep, get real, and get closer to living and loving their authentic selves. For four days we shared deeply, laughed loudly, spoke truthfully, and lifted each other in the journey to LOVE, EXPRESS, and BE who we really are.

Giving us the extra boost along the way were some truly amazing, inspiring people who gave their time, hearts, and resources freely to help make the treat so successful. Erin Condren, the graphic goddess behind the whimsical paper and lifestyle products of Erin Condren Designs, graciously outfitted our leaders with customized luggage, personalized stationary and markers, gorgeous life planners, and super sweet journals among other lovely items. (All Photos courtesy Sequoia Ziff)


Our leaders arrived in style with custom IATG roller bags from Erin Condren Designs!


Gorgeous goodies from Erin Condren Designs!

We had the privilege of having Erin join us for an afternoon conversation about finding inspiration, following your passion, and overcoming challenges along the way.


Erin Condren: She is THAT GIRL!

Some of our most magical (a surprise visit and dance party with Sophia Bush?! WHAT?! Yes, THAT happened!) moments were captured on film thanks to the fine folks at GoPro who donated cameras to all the girls. Videographers Jack Mitrani and Audrey Buchanan were our resident GoPro "Pros," shooting and editing some sweet vines for Instagram!

We lounged, laughed, and showed up to do the serious work wrapped in comfort and style from our good friends at Dormify.


Set the stage. Change the world, Dormify style!


Alexis Jones, Emily Greener LOVE our Dormify digs!!

And every morning we greeted the day celebrating our bodies and our minds with yoga sessions outfitted in gear provided by Beyond Yoga.


Because when you're shifting girl culture, you gotta go all in heart, mind, AND body. Thanks Beyond Yoga!

From food and beverage sponsors to all our guests and guest speakers to the IATG Board who shared their own stories and spent time to mentor and have conversations that mattered—EVERY single individual that came together to support this meeting and our IATG Family made an impact that is immeasurable.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our leaders had to say:

I approach everything now with this new positive mindset of coming from a place of openness and love to everyone in everything I do and already people have told me they feel a change in me. I can handle stress better and I feel more present with others.

I am so grateful to have been a part of this retreat. I never in a million years could have imagined that I would be a part of an organization as touching and meaningful as IATG. When I joined, I knew I would never be the same. When I was asked to come to the retreat I was so excited because I knew it would change the way I looked at life as well as looked at myself, and it did. I learned so much about how to help myself and help the other girls in my chapter.

Dinner [where we shared why we are THAT GIRL] was the first time I felt my wall coming down, and it continued to fall throughout the weekend. It was such a beautiful setting, and everyone was so present. I looked back on this dinner often throughout the weekend to appreciate the moment when we all got real together for the first time.

Erin's story really resonated with me. I appreciated her realistic approach to jobs, working, making money, building a company, etc. I think is brilliant in a lot of different ways and I was honored to have had the time to sit down with her.

I can't pick a favorite moment, but a moment where I felt most at home and comfortable was during the "pool party" when a bunch of us leaders were waiting to be taped for the video. We were so incredibly comfortable with one another, the sun was setting on us, we were sitting on top of each other, we were in awe of our weekend, we were all on a high, and we were so supportive on one another. Everyone was loving everyone and I was very happy in this moment.

I love that we had such a sisterhood so quickly that I made it so easy to sit and talk to anyone about absolutely anything. Those precious moments are all because of the culture you made for us and the sessions that left us raw and inspired

I learned that I DO have the power to lead with vulnerability and love and openness and help people recognize their potential and inspire them. And that hiding my struggles only closes me off from people. I can connect so much better when I open up. People are so beautiful in their perfectly imperfect ways.

It meant the world to be here. I am still so overcome and so humbled that I was given this privilege and opportunity to be a part of something so life-changing with such powerful, radiant people.




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