Notice The Joy

By Megan Minutillo, Guest Blogger

It was a long weekend.

Technically, I did not have to be at a physical place of employment.

But that did not mean that there wasn't work to be done.

QUITE the opposite! 

There were emails to be sent, schedules to be made, papers to be graded, scripts to revise, scripts to continue, articles to write, and articles to edit.

Perhaps that doesn't sound like a lot, but trust me when I say, I could get that all done in 72 hours if I didn't speak to a soul and had a toilet in my bedroom and an endless supply of water and comfort food.

But, that's not how I spent my Memorial Day Weekend.


Instead, I went against my normal train of thought and action pattern, and I unplugged.

I unplugged for almost 72 hours.


And while I'm having a slight panic attack at the mountain of work that sits in front of me, at the moment, it made this Memorial Day all the much sweeter. It made me remember the things that matter and the things that will eventually fade away.

It sounds so cliche, but, there's nothing quite as important as those who you choose to spend your time with, those who you choose to give your heart to, those who take up residence in the happiest parts of your soul.

And so my words to you are thus:

Spend time with those that you love. Take that road trip to surprise a friend at work. Drive two hours to spend dinner with your family. Take pleasure in the comfort of the shoulders of those who want you to lean on them. Relish in mornings of black coffee and scrambled eggs. Enjoy moments of silence with the company of others. Relish in the expressions that happen face to face rather than face to screen. Spend time outside - listen to the wind, enjoy the sun on your face, notice how a fire dances in a bonfire. 

Notice the joy that occurs when you pay attention to one another. 

Let's Chat! Challenge yourself to do as Megan did, and unplug for 72 hours! Or 36! Or even 24! Share your experience with us here!

About Megan
MEGAN_MINUTILLO.jpgMegan Minutillo is a playwright, director, and founder of the arts and education site, The Write Teacher(s). Her articles have appeared in HelloGiggles, So Worth Loving, I Am the Modern Career Girl, and Glass Heel. She is currently at work adapting her show, Ghosts in My Vodka, into a musical.

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