Not Girly, But Still THAT GIRL

By: Dana Zillgitt, Regular Contributor

I was almost always the nerdy tomboy growing up—more concerned with pickup games and the latest Harry Potter to come out than what to do with my hair or which celebrity had the bigger scandal. And I always thought I was less of a woman because of it. So I started wearing heels, buying more dresses, using more makeup in hopes of feeling more feminine, more of a woman, and all it made me feel was less, well, me.  And that was the start of the process that I realized something.

I am THAT GIRL. The girl who feels more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt at a baseball game. The girl who loves action movies and a well prepared steak. But I’m also the girl who loves a good Ketel One and cranberry, believes in Title IX, and still dreams of the day she’ll find her own Prince Harry—because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a ginormous castle? I am finally realizing that being THAT GIRL can mean the best of both worlds without sacrificing feeling like a woman.


But, I will admit—it took a while to get to this level. It took a lot of late night crying wondering why he didn’t call or why I wasn’t girly enough to run with the popular girls. I always thought being a little rough around the edges was a bad thing but now I realize, it’s my thing. I can own it, make it my own.  Being the nerdy tomboy in ratty jeans and Chuck Taylors didn’t make me any less of a woman than I was in a ball gown and 4-inch stilettos. And being able to wear both didn’t make me any less of me.

Being THAT GIRL means no apologies. No shame. It means owning every part of you and it means owning the path it takes to get you there, no matter how dirty or rough or pot holed it may be. Because it’s your journey, nobody else’s. And whether you align more with the dragon or with the damsel, you will always be THAT GIRL. Because they may throw rocks at those who shine but as they always say, fall down seven times, get up eight.

About Dana

dana_z.jpgDana has her BA in International Affairs & Spanish as well as a mild obsession with rescue animals and all things caffeinated. She’s mastered the art of the selfie, fort building, and even the sass battle. Plus, she can quote 95% of Anchorman and Zoolander.




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