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By Carly Allen, Regular ContributorNovember 19, 2015


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We really don’t appreciate time when we’re kids. We want time to go faster until Christmas, until we can eat that piece of cake after dinner, and until we’re taller. Every year and every season feels like it will never end, and it’s hard to imagine a time when it will.

As we grow older, time mysteriously accelerates.

I remember my great-grandmother claiming that there was a government conspiracy to steal time from us, and I’m starting to believe she was right. We are in a constant state of urgency and running late. We see the minutes on the clock tick by as we shove our feet into our shoes and search for our keys on the way to work. We are surprised to see the sun setting from the library window as we type out page one of a ten page essay. Suddenly a whole day slips through our fingers and we lie in bed wondering where it went and worrying about tomorrow.

Time is a terrifying concept. It’s such an intangible notion, yet it’s extremely valuable and dictates much of our decision making. Humans have invented ways to measure it, but we still haven’t discovered a way to manipulate it. Time can’t be bargained with, and it can’t be persuaded. It goes on with or without our consent, and it is on us to keep up.

I often find myself grappling with time.

I feel like I don’t have enough of it, and when I do, I don’t know how to use it wisely. Like many busy young people, time is the root of most of my stress, and I feel like all my problems would be solved if there were just a few more hours in a day.

It’s hard to admit, but the truth is that I really need to take a better look at my time management skills. I have a crazy schedule and there’s no denying I’m busy, but I have also recognized something important about myself. I spend way too much time worrying about how I don’t have any time. It’s something that seems so obvious, yet I’ve let these worries control my life. Time I could spend being productive gets eaten away by overwhelming feelings of stress, which isn’t beneficial to me at all.

At 22-years old, I don’t quite have time management figured out yet, but I have decided that stressing out about time is only going to be counterproductive to what I want to achieve. I am only one person. At the end of the day I am going to make peace with everything I’ve accomplished, get a restful night of sleep, and start the new day with a blank slate.

That sounds a lot better than stress, doesn’t it?

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