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By Danielle Meeker, Regular Contributor October 20, 2015


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Dreams don’t always come true overnight. It takes time, effort, and sometimes some blood, sweat, and tears. There are those who know right away what they want to be and secure their dream job right out of the gate. We envy those people. I’ve changed my dream a total of three separate times, and it took all of college plus a year and half after I graduated to land my dream job in Hawaii as a marine mammal trainer. First, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then, I wanted to be a veterinary technician. Finally, I tossed both those ideas aside, because I realized I wanted to work with marine mammals. Becoming a marine mammal trainer was the career I’d been searching for all along.

The cool thing about it taking so long was that I knew when it happened that I’d truly earned it based on my hard work and dedication.

I had gotten a degree, participated in three marine mammal training internships, sent off numerous applications, and had been interviewed a few times by different facilities. After my third internship, the people in charge of hiring believed in me enough to trust me with helping to care for the animals full-time and to promote the ideals of the company I’d been striving to impress. Wahoo! I made the cut!

Now that the job is mine, that doesn’t mean the dream is over. There are so many things I want to do to continue to grow with the company, to help it go from amazing to something even better.

When one dream is achieved, a new one can take its place, and the thought of that is so exciting.

Plus, that wasn’t the only goal I had. I want to write books, take photos of everything, inspire people, travel, and do my personal best to make my life something I enjoy living every single day. The dreams aren’t over. They’re only just beginning! It’s a big world out there, and your dreams can totally become a reality if you want them to. Work hard, do your best, and never ever stop trying. You can do it!

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DANIELLE_MEEKER_writer_bio.jpgDanielle has a BA in English, emphasis in Creative Writing. She is a marine mammal trainer on Oahu, working with dolphins, sea lions and penguins. She loves singing, photography, iced coffee, and everything water related. Check out her YouTube channel DanielleMeekerTalks and Instagram @dmeekertalks.


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