No More Toxic Friendships

By: Nina Bidwai, IATG ContributorSeptember 6, 2016



As I enter my final year of college, I’m creating  a list of things I want to focus on. Most of the list consists of removing toxic people from my life and spending more time with people who respect and value me, because I know that this will lead to more happiness.

This  past school year, I had a friend who constantly brought me down. I think this stemmed from insecurity, but she never communicated those feeling with me. The thing is, no matter the reason, I decided that I wasn’t going to be her personal punching bag. Life throws unfair things at everyone, and it really does suck, but when people start to repeatedly target their friends, it’s not okay.

Toxic relationships come in many forms (friends, boys, mentors), and it’s up to us to decide who’s allowed in our life and who isn’t. Toxic people have the power to ruin our happiness, especially when we allow them to re-enter our lives when they don’t deserve it. I’m the person who wants to be friends with everyone, but I’ve realized that sometimes walking away is the only option.  

Walking away doesn’t have to be over dramatic; it can be done quietly and with grace.

Some of the people I’m slowly removing are unaware that I’m doing so, and that’s the way I want it to be. If they ask me to meet up, I make an excuse or don’t respond immediately.  I’m not being rude or criticizing them. I’m simply doing what’s best for me. And in some cases, we have to be selfish, especially when it comes to our well-being.


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Take some time today to think about the people in your life. Do you have any toxic relationships? If so, consider how you can gracefully remove them from your life!


About Nina:

Nina.jpgNina is a third year biology student at West Virginia University and an IATG Chapter Leader. She loves to travel, explore coffee shops, take pictures, and write. She constantly reminds herself that “I Am That Girl,” during highs and lows. She is thankful to have gained many new perspectives through this organization and the amazing women that are a part of it. You can explore some of her travels and adventures on Instagram @nbidwai.


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