Nepal Elects First Female President

By Luana Mattos, Regular ContributorNovember 10, 2015


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Ever since the earthquake in April of this year -that, sadly, killed over 9,000 people and injured more than 23,000- Nepal has been on my mind (as well as in my prayer). I can’t help but think about how much this country and its people have lost.

However, it looks like, after so many losses, they finally have a win. Nepal's parliament elected women's rights campaigner, Bidhya Devi Bhandari, as its first female president.

She has been a longtime advocate for the rights of women.

Receiving 327 votes out of 549, Bhandari was elected as President in a parliamentary vote in October, 28th.

Bhandari, who previously served as the Minister of Defense of the government of Nepal, is the second person to become President since the end of the 240-year Hindu monarchy and the first woman to hold the office.

Despite having her feminist credentials questioned when she supported citizenship laws that are seen as anti-women, Bidhya fought for the new constitution that stipulates that a third of all seats in parliament must be held by women and requires that either the president or vice-president be a woman.

It looks like Nepal knows the real meaning of equality!

Bhandari, who joined student politics at an early age, has proven to be a game changer in her country, and I am sure she will serve as an inspiration for many girls and women in Nepal. I don’t know what Bidhya’s plans are for Nepal now as a president, but I can only hope that she will continue to fight for women's rights.

And hopefully, we will be able to see more women in politics around the world!

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