My Own Battle

By Marley Mayer, Regular ContributorSeptember 30, 2015

It’s easy to let someone else love my body. It’s easy to throw all my insecurities out the window when someone else comes knocking on the door. It’s easy to stop loving my skin, and my scars, and my curves when I can push the responsibility onto someone else.

Self-esteem is a phenomenon that will always claim my curiosity. I think it’s the main underlying gravity that pulls people together or tears them apart. According to the dictionary, it’s defined as a “confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self respect.” Ultimately though, it’s so much bigger than those few words can describe.

Self-esteem is the owner of our entire existence.

It’s this little pixie dust that’s sprinkled from our souls in every situation and encounter. It’s the ultimate decider in our happiness, relationships, goals, and accomplishments. It’s the bouncer that allows us into our own lives. It includes a vast array of who we are, besides just our physical bodies. However body image is something that many people struggle with on a daily basis when it comes to self-esteem. It’s something that I struggle with on a daily basis.


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An imitation of body-love can easily be imitated. A person can walk into a another person’s life when it’s broken, pick up the pieces, and glue them back together into this magnificent masterpiece that they’ve formed in their head. It happens all the time.

It’s simple to say, “Thank you,” in response to a “You are beautiful.” It is 100x more difficult to look at yourself and muster up the words “You are beautiful,” and then to believe them.

Letting someone else fight the battle is effortless. Desire is brilliantly sly, a fleeting illusion of self-love.

Letting someone else love your body is easy when the pieces are broken, but at the end of the day, our bodies are our homes. It’s our responsibility to wrap our little arms around ourselves and look in the mirror and say, “My body is enough.”

It’s flattering. It’s magical to have a person trace your very existence with their fingertips. It’s beautiful to feel beautiful in the reflection of someone else’s lust-full eyes.

But someone else’s love for my body will never be enough.

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