My Friend, Adam Sandler

There are three celebrities I unapologetically am dying to meet and though I think it's incredibly ridiculous (and borderline creepy) to say this, I truly think we would be friends. While it may seem insane to have only seen Adam Sandler, Will Smith and LeBron James on TV, in movies as well as interviews and to think based on those one-sided exchanges that we would be friends, but I honestly do.

As for Adam (now that we are on a first-name basis), I have always loved his movies, his sense of humor, and his seemingly down-to-earth personality so much so that I feared actually meeting him because I didn't want to be disappointed. When I was invited by one of my very dear friends to attend the premiere for one of the actor's latest movies, I could barely sleep the night before. It was like the little kid in kindergarten who really wanted to be friends with one of the other kids in class and desperately hoped it would be mutual.

As for the movie, it was great, although obviously aimed at a young audience, but entertaining none the less. Though I was a bit distracted, wondering if I would get to "meet" Mr. Sandler as opposed to awkwardly walking past him and smiling, not having the guts to actually say hello. After the movie wrapped, we walked across the street to the Disney after party.

Bare in mind that my dear friend Derek is a bigwig in the movie world, so I watched as he made his way around the room from important person to important person introducing me along the way. I had met the executive producer, the head of media, Adam's agent and other big Hollywood execs and yet all I could think about was whether or not I'd get to meet my sure to be new friend, Adam Sandler.

The night was dwindling and then the moment came when Derek interrupted my conversation with a fascinating woman to ask whether I wanted him to introduce me to Adam. Naturally, I pretended as though it wasn't a big deal and I'd much rather finish my conversation with a woman I had never met until that night, but both Derek and my new girl friend saw right through my pathetic attempt to be nonchalant and insisted I meet the man of the hour.

I walked over and despite the huge crowd of people surrounding Adam, Derek beelined through them (as you can only do when you're important) and before I knew it, I was standing in front of Adam and heard the words, "I'd love for you to meet my friend, Alexis." Of course, as only Adam can pull off in his Billy Madison kind of tone, he smiled and said, "Hello" while politely shaking my hand.

The next few minutes were a blur, but he was every bit as nice, sweet, endearing and funny as I could have hoped. While we aren't planning on buying a best friend heart-shaped necklace anytime soon, I think we are heading in the right direction. As for LeBron and Will, I look forward to one day fulfilling our friendship destiny.

(I literally just laughed out loud knowing that while I'm obviously being facetious, part of me actually believes that last statement and I can't help but laugh at the absurdity of the logic.)

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