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By Soumya Kulkarni, Regular ContributorOctober 18, 2015


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Where I live in the Midwest, autumn has kicked in with full gear. The leaves are spiraling down and have turned beautiful, sunset colors- burnt amber and yellow gold. The sweaters and cute boots are out in full swing- so is everything remotely pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon. In my opinion, fall has also always been the season of reflection. Not only does it coincide with the start of the school year, but it is also a step away from the fervor and excitement of the summer heat. Things feel like they are slowing down.

That, however, is not the case with social media campaigns. The past couple weeks have been full of inspiration. Here are some big ones that I’ve seen:

  • The “Let Girls Learn” initiative by Michelle Obama started the #62milliongirls campaign on September 26.

  • From October 5 leading up to October 11, which the United Nations declared International Day of the Girl Child in 2013 as a day to discuss gender inequality, was #dayofthegirl.

  • This led to sub-hashtags such as #girlpossible and #girlhero (I saw lots of I Am That Girl community participation).

  • #NationalComingOutDay- October 11 is also National Coming Out Day (internationally observed) to raise civil awareness

  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • I also watched this incredibly inspirational, and now viral, video for the first time

So, this is my reflection for the fall- self-improvement isn’t a destination, it’s a process.

Today, not tomorrow, is the day to make my life a little better and to help improve someone else’s life in a tiny way. Today is the day to fully appreciate my education and soak in as much information as I can possibly. Today is the day to be kinder, more empathetic, more forgiving, and more driven than ever before. I want to live richly, to not only smell the roses, but the tea leaves after making my tea and the brisk air as I walk to school in the morning.

I want to be more grateful for the people and opportunities I have in my life. My dreams are not anchors dragging behind me as I shuffle through each day.

Rather, my dreams are the wings on which I will soar and which I will use to uplift those around me. Everyday is a day to be completely, 100% me. Most importantly, I need never sell myself short. I want to look the world straight in the eyes and say, “We are all on the same team. And you know what, sure, we’ve got lots of problems, but we’re going to solve them and keep solving them- together, one step at a time.” I want to be, as Gandhi famously said, “The change you wish to see…” not only in the world, but also in myself.

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What inspires you this fall? How do you strive towards self-improvement this season? Tell us below!

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SOUMYA_KULKARNI_writer_bio.jpgSoumya is a high schooler from the Midwest. In addition to writing, she loves chess, reading good books, chocolate, tea, new cities, and Harry Potter.  She hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams as she embarks on her own journeys.  Find her at her personal blog, or tweet her @soumkulkarni. 


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