Music Mondays: Tristan Prettyman

Most people deal with heartbreak with a lot of tears, and although Tristan Prettyman certainly shed her fair share, she also managed to work through her sadness by putting her feelings to music. Her latest album, Cedar + Gold, served as a real healing process complete with straight-forward lyrics and emotional melodies. After her engagement to Jason Mraz ended and she underwent surgery to remove polyps from her vocal chords, this singer/songwriter took a step back as she reevaluated her music career. What helped Tristan carry on was the decidedly cathartic process of documenting her recovery. While there certainly are some somber tunes, there’s also tracks like "My Oh My," a more upbeat offering attempting to rationalize a seemingly never-ending relationship.

Music wasn�t always on Tristan�s radar, though. Growing up in Del Mar, California just north of San Diego, she was more interested in surfing than singing. That all changed after she received a copy of Ani DiFranco�s 1993 album, Puddle Dive, and subsequently "borrowed" her dad's acoustic guitar. She would go on to develop an appreciation for Joni Mitchell, Jack Johnson, and Bob Dylan. One night while she was performing for some friends, a production company employee heard her play and asked the aspiring musician to contribute a song to the soundtrack for the 2001 surf film, Shelter. Tristan played numerous local venues while modeling for Quicksilver's Roxy line and even self-released seven tracks called The Love EP back in 2003. She eventually signed with Virgin Records which distributed twentythree in 2005 and Hello in 2008. We applaud and admire Tristan for turning heartbreak into beautiful music. Her talent and spirit truly shine through all the hardships she's encountered in recent years.

Check out Tristan's video for "My Oh My" below before heading over to I AM THAT GIRL'��s YouTube channel. While you're there, don't forget to tune into our Music Mondays playlist, which is updated every week.

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