Music Mondays: The Pack A.D.

When Becky Black and Maya Miller teamed up to create music, phrases like "bubblegrunge" and "fringe-dwelling guitar goddess" were probably not in their vocabulary. Nonetheless, the Vancouver-based duo that make up the garage rock band The Pack A.D. are now well-versed in the ways critics attempt to capture their punk-grunge-rock sound.

Black and Miller formed The Pack A.D. in 2006, drawing the attention of the Canadian music press and building up a dedicated fan base in both Canada and North America. Characterized on their website as a group that has always existed just inches away from spilling over into wide ranging stardom, The Pack attributes its "bubbling under" status to "showing up and showing the people the goods one city and one new fan at a time and then coming back, time and again, with even more to offer."


Drummer Miller has been likened to Keith Moon in the way she wails on her kit; Black's guitar and vocal work described as unhinged, but also distinctive and thoughtful. The pair coalesce musically to produce a sound that is both raw and refined, savage and sweet, raucous and introspective. This is reflected on the material that threads their discs, including the most recent Do Not Engage.

From the raw sound of a tune like "Battering Ram" to the haunting, sparse tune "Needles," which features Black unplugged and plaintive, the songs on Do Not Engage mark a next step in the Pack's evolution and a giant leap toward global pop-punk domination.

Check out "Needles" and be sure to check out all the grooves on  I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday's playlist, updated each week!


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