Music Mondays: The Cold and Lovely

What happens when three, season badass lady musicians collide? They unleash The Cold and Lovely, a music trio comprised of Grammy-nominated producer Meghan Toohey, Nicole Fiorentino (bassist for The Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt), and Patty Schemel (drummer for Hole).



The group knits together pop sensibilities threaded through with a rock aesthetic lifted from the guitar-heavy, musically driving albums of 90s groups like Smashing Pumpkins and Hole. The Cold and Lovely gained attention with their 2013 EP Ellis Bell, a disc hailed for its raw quality and massive sound. Underneath the hard rock arrangements characterizing much of the Cold and Lovely's work are the trio's unique harmonies, which lend an ethereal quality to their tune.

The band is currently at work on a deluxe EP recording, funded through their PledgeMusic campaign. They are, without a doubt, only getting started on the path to music domination!

Enjoy "Ellis Bell" and and be sure to check out all the grooves on  I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday's playlist, updated each week!


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