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The Los Angeles Times describes the sister and brother duo that comprise The Belle Brigade as having a certain kind of "stickiness" in their songs, noting "They're naturals, basically, with songs that are supernaturally tight and catchy; though not loud." The writer goes on to praise their set at the storied SXSW festival: "The band's performance at the Chop Shop show generated a half-dozen internal jukebox hits." This is not just a ringing endorsement for the California natives, but a testament to the kind of talent that sets them apart from other luminaries in the alt-folk scene.


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Barbara and Ethan Gruska formed The Belle Brigade in 2008 with Barbara on drums, guitar, and vocals and Ethan taking on piano, guitar, and vocals. However, these siblings were no strangers to the world of music coming from a rich lineage of composers and musicians: Oscar-winning composer John Williams just happens to be their grandfather. Their first self-titled album dropped in 2011 and the duo were also featured on the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn soundtrack.

Paul Simon and Fleetwood Mac are among the Brigade's musical influences, their "sun-kissed SoCal" sound combined with catchy, sweet, earnest lyrics has earned them high-praise from pop, folk, and alt-country music critics across the board.

Check out "Where Not to Look for Freedom" and be sure to hit up all of the tunes on I AM THAT GIRL's Music Mondays playlist, updated each week!

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