Music Mondays: Terra Naomi

Most artists go on tour at some point to promote an album, but Terra Naomi decided to take a more unconventional approach. The financially-strapped singer/songwriter embarked on a "Virtual Summer Tour" back in 2006 right from her own apartment by uploading live videos to YouTube. "I uploaded a new video every one or two days and it was really fun 'touring' and meeting new people without leaving my apartment," she explained to I AM THAT GIRL. Her live video for "Say It’s Possible" went on to garner millions of hits and inspire countless fans to cover the song. Terra even won the first YouTube Award for Best Music Video. Although "I'll Be Waiting" is a more traditionally constructed video, Terra's emotionally-charged vocals are just as raw and powerful.

Terra developed her love of music pretty early in life. "I kind of came out singing," she revealed. "I was singing before I could talk and at the age of one and a half, I sang 'Happy Birthday' to my dad." The young talent started taking piano lessons at just four years old and took up the French horn when she was eight. She may have been exposed to everything from classic rock to soul and country growing up, but Terra actually studied opera and classical vocal technique. She ended up picking up a guitar and started writing songs in her teens and early 20s because she felt more connected to popular music since opera no longer felt authentic. "My lifestyle was pretty gritty at the time," Terra reflected. "I was going through a lot and classical music didn't feel true to who I was."

So, this girl with a guitar opted for the seemingly radical move of touring on a virtual level and it really ended up paying off. Not only did she score a bona fide hit with "Say It's Possible," but Terra got to perform at Live Earth in Wembley Stadium and was signed to a record deal by Universal Island Records. Although that major label partnership only resulted in her debut album, Under the Influence, she has gone on to release several additional albums, including To Know I�m OK and Live & Unplugged. Terra's music has also appeared on soundtracks for the films Sherrybaby, Super, Because I Said So and Faces in the Crowd as well as on the TV show Private Practice. This ambitious musician has an eclectic ear and lately she's been enamored by the soulful sounds of Sam Cooke and electronic artist Robert DeLong. Now with a brand new album currently in the works, Terra openly admits to having a new fearless outlook on life. "I lived in fear of so many things and faced many challenges," she confessed. "I've emerged with a strength and an understanding that I would not have been so lucky to receive had I not gone through everything I went through." As any true badass would, Terra is now setting out to inspire others and "ignite the passion, knowledge and love that is inside all of us." That's why we're such admirers of this rising star and her music.

Check out Terra's video for "I'll Be Waiting" below before heading over to I AM THAT GIRL'��s YouTube channel. While you'��re there, don't forget to tune into our Music Mondays playlist, which is updated every week.

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