Music Mondays: Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira has teetered on the cusp of stardom for several years now. Her impending notoriety was stifled due to the fact that her highly-anticipated debut album has been routinely pushed back and delayed since 2010. That's not to say the world hasn't experienced Sky's music. She's released several noteworthy and infectious tracks, mostly online. The single, "Everything is Embarrassing," has once again reignited interest in the Los Angeles native thanks to its '80s feel and throwback Madonna-vibe. Her extremely low-budget, black and white video was simply shot around Los Angeles.

The ever-rising star was raised in Los Angeles by her hair stylist mother. Since Michael Jackson was one of her mom's celebrity clients, Sky spent time with the pop icon throughout her childhood. She sang in a gospel choir as a kid and went on to study opera as a teenager. This ambitious performer actually caught her big break at just 15 when she contacted famed producers Bloodshy & Avant through Myspace. Much to Sky's surprise, the dynamic duo wrote her back. This collaboration led to a deal with Parlophone Records in 2009. Sky appeared in the video for Uffie’s “Pop The Glock" and was featured in the indie drama, Putty Hill. She's also graced the cover of Jalouse magazine and been profiled by Dazed & Confused, Interview, Purple and Nylon. Big-name brands like Diesel, Calvin Klein and Adidas even showcased her in advertising campaigns. Throughout all of this, Sky continued working on her music, sporadically distributing tracks as well as EPs and even contributed a song to The Vampire Diaries soundtrack. When it comes to her still yet-to-be-released full-length debut, reports now claim it will come out this spring. We love Sky's music as well as her take-no-prisoners mentality and can't wait to check out her first album, whenever it arrives.

Watch Sky's video for "Everything is Embarrassing" below before heading over to I AM THAT GIRL’s YouTube channel. While you’re there, don’t forget to tune into our Music Mondays playlist, which is updated every week.

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