Music Mondays: She & Him


Photo by Autumn De Wilde


When she's not winning our hearts as the earnest, quirky Jess on FOX's New Girl, Zooey Deschanel makes us swoon with her retro-inspired vocals and signature sound as one half of the indie pop-duo She & Him. Collaborating with fellow musician M. Ward, Deschanel has continued to hone her songwriting skills with She & Him's third studio release She & Him: Volume 3. While pursuing her acting career in films such as Almost Famous and Elf, Deschanel found herself writing songs on the sly, the way many of us write that great American novel: on scraps of paper, here and there as time allows, always being a little self-conscious about taking your passion public. The actress/singer was introduced to M. Ward on the set of her movie, The Go-Getter, and the two performed a duet for the film's closing credits. Blown away by Deschanel's vocals, Ward encouraged her to continue writing music, offering to work with her on an album side project. The rest has been delicious pop music history.

Enjoy "I Could Have Been Your Girl" from She & Him and be sure to check out all the videos on I AM THAT GIRL'S Music Monday's playlist, updated each week!





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