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A musical child of the Seattle grunge and punk scene, Neko Case has been mining those soulful, poetic roots for more than two decades. A description of Neko's approach and style on her Facebook page encapsulates what makes this indie singer/songwriter both compelling and enduring:

"Neko is a major poet by any standard, a songwriter less interested perhaps in traditional narrative form than in distilling a pure moment of time. She's an artist whose songs are so textured in their presentation that the subtleties filter into the subconscious while the overall effect astonishes. But rather than each of her progressive albums disposing of what came before it, there is, instead, a sense of continuation at play--in which every album exists like the subsequent chapter to a novel that grows more complicated and intriguing as it progresses."

Neko is set to launch her first album in four years, "The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You” in early September. The single from this new disc, "Man" presents a rock-heavy groove underpinning a provocative rumination on gender politics sung from the point of view of a "man's man."

Check out "Man" and don't forget to visit I AM THAT GIRL's Music Mondays Playlist, updated weekly!

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