Music Mondays: Natalia Zuckerman


A quote from The New Yorker perfectly encapsulates the essence of singer/songwriter/badass musical artist Natalia Zuckerman: "Natalia’s voice could send an orchid into bloom while her guitar playing can open a beer bottle with its teeth.” This is not even a wee bit of literary exaggeration.


Image by Asia Kepka

This New York-based musician and artist comes from a rich family of performers and creatives. She is the daughter of Pinchas Zuckerman, a violinist and conductor, and flutist/writer Eugenia Zuckerman. Zuckerman cut her teeth on classical guitar at the esteemed Oberlin College in Ohio where, she tells, she first learned that her parents were sizable music greats rather than just ordinary people who happen to play instruments around the house...a lot.

Natalia counts a broad range of influences and musical heroes from the rich veins of Jazz, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, and Folk. These musical histories bleed into her songwriting, which is both confessional and experiential as she roams over themes of love and heartbreak, family and community, and personal wins (and fails). Natalia is also known for bringing in the most unique and electrifying musical voices in contemporary Americana in her live shows and recordings. She is part of the side-group, Winterbloom along with Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton, and Meg Hutchinson, has worked closely with guitar virtuoso Willy Porter, and in September of 2012 engineered a unique musical experience at SPACE in Evanston, Illinois where she was joined by a host of special guests such as Garrison Star, Mona Tavakoli (of Raining Jane), Edie Carey, and Erin McKeown for a show and live recording.

When Natalia isn't shredding on one of the many stringed instruments that turn to Playdough in her hands, she can be found with sketch pad and brush. Natalia's art has become the stuff of murals in major cities such as San Francisco and New York. Three years ago she teamed up with fellow artist Adrianne Gonzales to launch a project called Art.Is.Song where they transform lyrics from one another's songs into unique art pieces. You can visit their work at the Art.Is.Song Etsy Shop.

Check out Natalia's "Gas Station Roses" from her album by the same name and be sure to hit up all of I AM THAT GIRL's tuneful inspirations on our playlist, updated each week!




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