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Organic and synthesizer aren't two words usually spoken in the same sentence, but somehow Metric manages to pull off the impossible. On top of the group's ability to successfully fuse polar musical avenues, the quartet has sold over a million singles and nearly 500,000 albums worldwide of the 2010 independent release, Fantasies. Now Metric is out with Synthetica and the track, "Breathing Underwater," underscores the reflective undertones of the album. Although the video is composed of several of the band's live performances, there's still an intimacy present in the footage perceptible even when viewing on YouTube.

Metric is comprised of vocalist and synthesizer diva Emily Haines, guitarist Jimmy Shaw, bassist Joshua Winstead and drummer Joules Scott Key. The band dates back to 1998 when Emily and Jimmy met up in Toronto. Emily, who is the daughter of poet Paul Haines, was actually born in New Delhi, but her family relocated to Canada when she was only three years old. She met Jimmy while both were performing at gigs in Toronto. Metric's debut album was technically crafted when the band was still a duo, although it didn't get released until many years later due to record label issues. Joshua and Joules filled out the band in 2001. Unfortunately, record label problems would continue to haunt the band and there was even a period where the group took a break to focus on various side projects. After the group reunited, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? was distributed in the fall of 2003. A few more albums followed before Metric really made an impact with the self-release of Fantasies. The group has also contributed tracks to numerous films, including The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Cosmopolis. What we really love about Metric is their independence. Not only did the band achieve commercial success through a unique hybrid of dance and rock music, but the foursome accomplished this feat without having to succumb to the demands of a label.

Take the time to watch the video for "Breathing Underwater" below before heading over to the I AM THAT GIRL YouTube channel. While you're there, don't forget to tune into our Music Mondays playlist, which is updated every week.


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