Music Mondays: Maxine Ashley


Self-described "20-year-old misfit with one helluva voice," Brooklyn-based Maxine Ashley's star is poised to exit the stratosphere. Her YouTube channel has garnered more than 9 million hits of the spunky, soulful singer covering everything from "Royals" and Lana del Ray's "Young and Beautiful" to the Bieb's "Baby." Her swagger and raw vocal talent make her performances of these pop and R&B staples mesmerizing.


Luckily for the rest of the globe, Maxine is earning the attention of studios and producers. She has been splitting her time between recording outfits in London, New York, and Miami to work on her first EP Moodswings, a disc described on her website as "a cosmopolitan mix of urban pop, R&B, electronic music, and soul that is undoubtedly from New York but ready for the world."

Maxine has been ready for the world for quite some time. From her pop covers on her YouTube channel, she gained attention from artists such as Pharrell Williams and Kerry “Krucial” Brothers. In 2012, fashion label Lanvin handpicked one of her tracks for its Spring/Summer. With Moodswings garnering serious cred, Maxine will no doubt soon graduate into more original material that showcases the best of her adventurous music and style.

Check out Maxine's delicious version of "Glory Box" and be sure to groove on all the tunes in I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday playlist, updated each week!


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