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Lucy Schwartz is more than just another girl with a piano, a voice, and big dreams. At the tender age of 18, Lucy had not only already written an entire albums worth of songs, but had been drafted by film director Diane English to record songs for a major motion picture, sharing musical space on the film with the likes of Annie Lennox, Feist, and KT Tunstall.

Since then, Schwartz has become a formidable singer/songwriter penning tunes for films such as Shrek Forever After, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, and for the t.v. series, Parenthood and Grey's Anatomy. The L.A. based artist has also toured with Lilith Fair as well as opened for The Civil Wars, The Weepies, and Agnes Obel among others.


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Lucy Schwartz is the daughter of composer David Schwartz who has scored songs for film and television, perhaps accounting for the ease with which her dreamy, synth-pop music and insightful, lilting lyrics compliments the digital storytelling of the big and small screens. Discussing her latest album, Timekeeper, for NPR, music critic Ken Tucker writes: "The first thing you notice about Lucy Schwartz's Timekeeper is the singer's voice — both her physical voice, which is at once ringing and adroit, and her writer's voice, which is precise yet elusive." He adds, "Frequently on this album, Schwartz sounds like a throwback to another era. Her singing sometimes possesses the spirit of a more lighthearted Laura Nyro, and she has a healthy fondness for the Beatles."

You can hear Schwartz's nod to McCartney on her single, "Boomerang" and don't forget to check out all of I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday playlist, updated each week!

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