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Simon and Garfunkel, James and Carly, Beyonce and everyone: some voices fit together like a lock and key, like two perfectly carved puzzle pieces meant to click into place. So it is with Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig the duo driving the group Lucius. Jess and Holly clicked early on when they met at Boston's Berklee College of Music. Their early collaboration took place in New York where Jess and Holly set up a musician's collective of sorts in an old Victorian house they found on Craigslist. Keeping an "open door" policy for fellow musicians to collaborate and record, the pair eventually met Danny Molad, an engineer, producer, and drummer who fell in with the two friends as they began their band. Other musicians Peter Lalish and Andy Buri filled out the group, but it's Jess and Holly's vocals and sensibilities that remain front and center as Lucius' signature creative vibe. 


Lucius' influences range from girl-pop of the Phil Spector-engineered 60s to "mountain music" and lilting alt-country/indie lullaby tunes. Their first full-length album Wildewoman (pronounced like "wildebeest")draws together their eclectic and innovative stylings into a disc described by music journalist Erika Ducharme in her review on HonestBlue: "Wildewoman proved to be one dizzying walk outside of my comfort zone… but wow, what a wonderful walk it proved to be." Ducharme goes on to note the way Jess and Holly's voice compliment one another: "As the two front-women Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig sang, crooned and bewitched the listeners in unison, their voices became one, their striking performance enhancing the sugary melodies and carefully thought-out instrumentation."

Check out the soaring vocals of Lucius on "Two of Us on the Run" and be sure to visit all the tunes on I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday Playlist, updated each week!


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