Music Mondays: Leann Rimes

By: Emily Algar, Regular Contributor


For the past two decades Leann Rimes has been defying musical boundaries with over 37 million records sold, 14 albums, 2 Grammys, 3 ACMS, 12 Billboard Music Awards and countless other accolades. Not just another voice, Rimes is also a proud supporter of a number of charities including the NOH8 campaign, the National Psoraisis Foundation and the Friend Movement, an anti-bullying organization.

 This Mississippi native has been in front of the footlights since the age of 5, eventually going on to compete on Star Search (The American Idol-esque entertainment competition show of the 1980s) and record her break-out country hit "Blue" all before the tender age of 15. The rest is country-pop music history, one that continues to unfold as Rimes goes on to reinvent herself and expand on her considerable musical talents.


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Rimes' latest album Spitfire, released in June this year, is her most personal and honest album to date. Printed on the back of the CD are the words ‘The Truth. In No Particular Order,’ which gives the listener fair warning that this musical journey is not something for the fainthearted, but something that stretches across the full spectrum of human emotions from regret, guilt and anger to love, acceptance, and honesty.

In her bio section on her website she writes: "I want people who listen to my music to see me, know me, recognize me, as a normal human being who can sing and write, and I hope, connect with me through my music." This album just does that: allows listeners a peek inside her world including all the wonderful complications and emotions that comes with being a human being.

The standout tracks include, "What Have I Done" and "Borrowed," which act as two sides of the same coin; "I Do Now" that offers up a realization of how experiences give music meaning; and finally "Who We Really Are," which showcases a mature side of love and commitment. Spitfire gives the listener something rare that isn't see very often in music today: a real and honest human experience wrapped up in amazing musicianship and vocals.

Check out "Borrowed" and be sure to get your groove on with all of the tunes on I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday playlist, updated each week!


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