Music Mondays: Lake Street Dive

It's not often that a group of musicians come together and actually stay together performing and growing as artists for more than a decade. This is part of what makes Lake Street Dive so unique. The group--Mike Olson, Rachael Price, Bridget Kearney, and Mike Calabrese--met as fellow students studying at The New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts. And like so many artists today, it was a YouTube video gone viral that helped put the group on the map. The clip in question? A cover of The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," shot off the cuff on a street corner in Brighton Massachusetts.


With a devoted local/regional following, Lake Street Dive's digital fame helped widen that fan circle and attract the attention of industry luminaries such as T. Bone Burnett who invited them to perform on the Another Day, Another Time show at The Town Hall. Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, and other music industry shapers have taken note of Lake Street Dive and predicted that their star is definitely on the rise.

“Our musical development has been like Google Earth,” explains Olson on the Dive's website, “going from the entire universe to a specific place. That’s how we’ve honed in on our sound. We had the whole world of music at our fingertips, and we were unsure of what direction to take, but now we’re zeroing in a little closer.” Lake Street Dive's musical style is deliciously eclectic and veers into alt-country-jazz influences blended with touches of pop, 60s influenced Brill Building sounds, and horn-driven R&B.

Their latest disc, Bad Self Portraits, produced by Sam Kassirer of Josh Ritter's band, builds on their often soaring vocals and soul roots. All members of the group share writing credits and contributions. The result are some of the most aching and poignant lyrics-- "I wish I met you when I was 17, before I'd seen the things I'd seen," on the tune "Seventeen," wrapped in hip-shimmying funk and groove.

Enjoy "Bad Self Portraits" and be sure to check out all the grooves on  I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday's playlist, updated each week!


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