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Scottish-born singer/songwriter KT Tunstall has kept a steady rhythm producing album after album that has allowed her to grow as a formidable artist on the pop/folk circuit. It has been quite a ride for Tunstall since her break out hit, "The Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" arrived on the scene in America in 2006, thanks in small part to Katherine McPhee's cover on American Idol.

Since then, Tunstall's musical journey has taken her to produce two more albums and a holiday album, Have Yourself a Very KT Christmas. Tunstall is also an artist on a mission, interested in exploring the ways in which music and artistic collaboration can be used to promote social good, raise political awareness, and eventually spur action. In 2008, Tunstall contributed a song to the album Songs for Survival, an endeavor to benefit Survival International, which enabled her to become more involved as an artist/activist.

After three years of radio silence, Tunstall gives fans her latest disc, Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon. The album is characterized on Tunstall's blog: "Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon straddles either end of 2012, the year KT Tunstall’s world was rocked from its axis before settling on a new emotional orientation. Each was recorded in Arizona, and both are swaddled with atmosphere, poignancy and, yes, hurt – but, also, hope. One, oddly, prefigures the losses that were to come; the other, beautifully, captures a new, reinvigorated state of being in the aftermath. Together, they combine to create the album of Kate Victoria Tunstall’s life."

Enjoy "Feel It All" from the new album and be sure to check out I AM THAT GIRL's Music Mondays playlist, updated each week!

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