Music Mondays: Katy Perry

This California girl often garners attention for her ever-changing hair color and her frequently scrutinized love life. Katy Perry's music is what really deserves the attention, though. Take her megawatt hit, "Firework." This catchy track managed to deliver an infectious melody along with some truly uplifting lyrics.

Katy has become synonymous with catchy pop tunes. She rose to stardom thanks to her standout summer 2008 single, �I Kissed a Girl,�� but this pop icon was no overnight success. Katy had three record deals fall apart before signing with Capitol Records in 2007. She actually had a pretty conservative upbringing since both of her parents are pastors who limited what music she could listen to at home. Before making it big as a pop star, Katy even released an album of gospel songs. Her latest offering, Teenage Dream, has produced an impressive number of hits, including �Firework.� Katy�s unabashed willingness to express herself and her thought-provoking, girl power lyrics are what makes us want to constantly sing along!

Watch Katy's inspiring video for the single below and then head over to I AM THAT GIRL'��s YouTube channel. While you're there, don't forget to tune into our Music Mondays playlist, which is updated every week.

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